Friday, 29 January 2016

Girl Charlee UK & Europe: New Fabrics & January Knit Picks


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This week we have 6 new fabrics on the site -
Welcome to our first Knit Picks!  Here we showcase fantastic makes from our customers using Girl Charlee Fabrics.  We love seeing what you make so please send us your pics and you could be featured next month.  Send your pics to 

As it's our first Knit Picks this month, we thought we'd feature a few of your Christmas makes and some of our favourites from last year - 

By: Jenna
Blog: JustSewJenna

By: Suzanne Morns (Jen's Mum!)

Item: Hack of existing trousers (self patterned)

By: Ann Creasey (My Mum!)

By: Katie Zellner (for a friend, pictured)

By: Emily (@notinator)

By: Wis (@wis_g)

Item: Ella Skater Dress from Love Sewing Magazine & Self Drafted dress (for little lady!)

By: Louise (@multi_threaded)

Thank you for all your submissions, don't worry if you're not featured this month, we may feature you next month (we'd love to post all the pics but then the blog would be 8 pages long!).  Keep sending your pictures to, we love seeing your creativity!
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Happy Sewing!
~ Mark & The Girl Charlee Team

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Girl Charlee UK & Europe Tutorial Tuesday: Cute Cushions

Cute Cushions

Inspired by my son making a small cushion at school, I decided to make a full size version for his room.  I do have a bit of a weakness for our Sweatshirt Fleece and I love a bit of applique, so why not combine the two! I decided to make a button back cushion cover, 40cm by 40cm.

I chose a Sweatshirt Fleece for the main cushion, it's soft to the touch and easy to sew. You could even use the wrong side up for an extra fluffy cushion! We have a great selection of base colours and stripes -
You will need half a metre of your chosen cushion fabric, some Cotton Lycra or Cotton Jersey (enough for the applique design and piping), Bonda web, iron on interfacing, 2.5 metres of piping cord and three large buttons.

1  Cut a square of Black Sweatshirt Fleece (each side 44cm for seam allowance). I cut two more pieces that were 44cm by 35cm.  I then worked on the size of my applique design. Because the design is so simple, I was able to sketch it straight on to paper. You could however print off a design.  I then traced the outline of the design on to a sheet of Bondaweb and ironed it on to White Cotton Spandex.
2  Peel off the paper and then lay flat on to the cushion face. I pinned mine a few times so as to get it central to the square. Now iron it on!  Next stitch around the design. To stabilise the fabric, I used a piece of iron on interfacing on the reverse.
3  Now it’s time to focus on the button back pieces! Take the piece that will have buttons sewn onto it and make a hem along one of the longest sides (44cm). Then cut a strip of iron on interfacing. This needs to be the length of the longest side (44cm). Iron this on to the reverse of the other piece. This will stabilise the fabric before creating your button holes. Then make a hem along the edge.
4  On this same piece of fabric, use your buttons to mark out your button hole line. My machine has a button hole setting which is a bonus!  I used the same colour thread as my cover but it can be nice to use a contrasting colour if you want to make it into more of a feature. When you have stitched your button holes, you can gently slice into them with your Unpicker tool. A great tip I learnt from my sewing teacher, is to pin across one end, so you don’t accidentally slice it too big!  
5  Now for the piping. Roll the white cotton lycra around the piping cord, pinning it as you go. I did this for about 2 and a half meters. I then used my zipper foot to stitch nice and close to the cord.
6  You now need to sandwich all of your layers together. I placed the front side of the cushion face side up and then with right sides together, place the piece with button holes down first, followed by the piece that will have the buttons. Then sandwich the piping in between the cushion faces. When you need to bend the piping around a corner, carefully snip into the material just before it needs to go around the corner. This will make it more flexible. I pinned the layers and then basted them before sewing. Again, use your zipper foot to sew nice and tight to the piping cord.
7  Turn you cushion the right way out and insert your cushion filler. I always do this before deciding exactly where to sew my buttons. If it’s quite puffy, you don’t want the buttons to be pulling too much. I sewed my buttons on and then added a few extra details (embroidery silk stitches and a black button) to the front!
Voila! a simple, fun cushion!
Of course my daughter then decided that she wanted to get designing too! Here we have a little cat face on Purple Sweatshirt Fleece. I used our White Cotton Spandex and some scraps that my daughter dug out of my fabric stash!
Oops, wrong way round!                  Two happy cushion designers!
You could also use one of our gorgeous patterned Cotton Jersey Knits for some stylish scatter cushions for the living room or bedroom - 
For more ideas, patterns and tutorials, follow Girl Charlee's board on Pinterest.For more ideas, patterns and tutorials, follow Girl Charlee's "Patterns & Projects to Try" board on Pinterest.
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Happy sewing!
~ Jen & The Girl Charlee Team