Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Girl Charlee UK & Europe Tutorial Tuesday: Working with Sweater Knits by Burda Style & Guide to Hacci Knits

Working with Sweater Knits by Burda Style

As we have been adding so many amazing Hacci Sweater knits to the store over the past few weeks (and still have a few more to come!) we thought we'd share a really good tutorial by MegH posted at Burda Style that really emphasises how easy it is to sew with these lovely fabrics.  The tutorial Sewing Technique: Working with Sweater Knits recommends some Burda patterns specifically, but really you could use any of your favorite tops or dress patterns.  With the right kind of sweater knit you will have your newest favourite winter items sewn up in no time to keep you warm until Spring arrives!

I love how this tutorial shows you all the different stitches you can use to finish a sweater fabric too!
Meg uses a lighter weight almost jersey style of Hacci sweater knit for this application, but there are lots of different weights and weaves just perfect for every application.  Some examples of the different weaves/weights can be seen below (click on the images for a close up view) - 

Tight Knit Stable Haccis - Perfect for more structued patterns, these haccis hold their shape well and are warmer to wear, ideal for sweaters!
Medium Knit Drapey Hacci - Perfect for flowy cardigans and loose fitting tops, lighter weight but still hold their shape well
Loose Knit Haccis - Great for soft warm scarves and loose fitting cardigans etc, these haccis are incredinly soft and snuggly.  The image on the right is a "Bouclé" Hacci with a looser, looped knit. 
We are happy to answer any queries you may have about any of our fabrics, and send samples of any you are interested in so you can check the weight, drape and feel of the fabric before you buy.  Click HERE to request samples or to ask a question.

A few of our other Hacci picks from the store:
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Happy sewing!
~ Mark & The Girl Charlee Team

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