Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Tutorial Tuesday: Lounging Pants/Shorts

Ben had been asking me to make him a pair of lounging trousers (pyjama trousers) for ages so I decided to whip up a quick pair using a pattern that he liked (Simplicity1605A, which also includes tops and a cute bag!) from our Black Tossed Alphabet on Heather Grey Cotton Jersey.
This is a nice easy pattern with an elasticated waistband and they were finished in next to no time... however... 
Once I had finished them, my lovely husband suddenly decided that actually he would have preferred shorts… and side pockets… and a back pocket… and a drawstring (as well as the elastic in the waist band)! 
I took a deep breath, smiled, chopped the legs off (the pants, not the husband!) and then went through the other adjustments (which were actually quite easy aswell!).  Here's what I did...

Back Pocket
1  Cut out 2 pocket shapes (to give the pocket a bit of strength) and stitch them right sides together. Make sure they are big enough for hands/whatever else is going in them! 
2  I left a small gap (one inch) at the bottom, so I could pull it through the right way. Now press the pocket and stitch up the gap.
3  Pin the pocket in place on the back of the trousers and sew quite close to the edge.

Side Pockets
1  Cut out a pocket shape from paper, according to how big you’d like them (check hand size and what is going in the pockets). Angle the pockets downwards so things won't fall out and don’t forget to add a seam allowance. You will need 4 of these (two for each side). I decided to pin my fabric wrong sides together, as I wanted the wrong side inside the pockets.
2  Now you have the width of your actual pockets, you can line them up along the side seam and place pins where you need to make gaps to put them.
3  Carefully unpick your side seams in between these pins. I added a little extra so it would be nice and easy to slip the pocket pieces in. These can be sewn up afterwards. You should now have holes for you pockets!
4  Lay the pocket pieces facing up (the sides showing that will be on the outside of your pockets) and pin to the opened side seam. They will need to be as close to the edge as your original side seam. I had overlocked my side seams so they were very close to the edge!
5  Now you need to sew each pocket flap to the correct seam. You may need to go over to small gaps where you have fitted your pocket in.
6  Now you can pin the pocket pieces together, making sure they match up. Use a zig zag or overlock them together.
7  I then hand sewed any little gaps.  Turn you shorts/trousers through the right way and you should have perfect pockets!

To add a drawstring, simply make two small holes at the front on the waistband and thread through a length of ribbon or cord. I decided to make use of my scraps and made a cord out of the selvedge!I simply cut a strip (approximately 3cm wide) and folded in the edges. I then used my twin needle to stitch straight down the middle. I thought the selvedge text added quite a nice touch! To finish off, I made a hem using my twin needle.

Ben was very pleased with his added extras (thank goodness!) but of course as soon as my son saw them, he wanted a pair (in our Black Mustachio on Heather Grey Cotton Jersey), so then I had to make a mini version (which I whipped up in no time, having already made the first pair!)
You can make comfy lounge pants/shorts or tops from Girl Charlee Cotton Jersey or Cotton Lycra, there are lots of lovely prints you can choose from, here are some of the more "male orientated" fabrics- 
For more ideas, patterns and tutorials, follow Girl Charlee's board on Pinterest.
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Happy Sewing!
~ Jen & The Girl Charlee Team

Friday, 25 March 2016

Easter Sale Now On!

To celebrate Easter and the lovely long weekend we are having a SALE with over 90 fabulous fabrics reduced by up to 60%!
The sale is on now and will run until midnight on Monday so Get Shopping Now!
Below are just some of the exclusive fabrics on sale - 

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Happy Sewing!
~ Mark & The Girl Charlee Team

Thursday, 24 March 2016

March Knit Picks

Welcome to our March Knit Picks.  It's been another bumper month full of fantastic Girl Charlee makes and as always it's been hard whittling them down as we we love them all!  Please keep sharing your pics via Instagram/Facebook/Twitter (don't forget to tag @girlcharleeuk or #girlcharleeuk), or email them to us sales@girlcharlee.co.uk
If you see something you like here, why not make your own!

By: @newcrafthouse
Blog: The New Craft House

By: @helenthepotter

Item: Linden Sweatshirt by Grainline Studio with stunning quilting effect!

By: @jens.ks
Blog: Hummingbird Sews

By: @luanpessall

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Happy Sewing!
~ Mark & The Girl Charlee Team