Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Girl Charlee UK & Europe: Tutorial Tuesday Fun and Easy Skirt

Fun & Easy Skirt
I love this Mustard Blue Penn Dutch on white cotton jersey and was inspired to make a little skirt out of it for my daughter. It is perfect for layering up and will be great for the spring!
This easy skirt can be great for any age. The amount of fabric needed depends on the waist measurement and desired length.  It was so quick to make, I ended up doing another in the lovely Modern Air Prairie Stripe cotton jersey on the right.
My daughter is 4 years old so I only used half a metre of fabric. You will also need elastic for the waist band and lace or ribbon for the bottom (this isn't essential if you want to keep it nice and simple).

Measure the waist and double the measurement. This will be the width (waist) of your skirt. Mine was 44 inches wide (112cm).  Fold in half (right sides together) matching up the shortest sides and overlock (or zig zag with a normal sewing machine).
For the waistband, with right sides still together, you need to fold, pin and press the top edge over (approximately 2 - 3cm in width). This really depends on the width of your elastic.  Once you have done this, fold, pin and press it over again.  With your machine sew a running stitch quite close to the fold. Leave a 2 – 3cm gap to thread through your elastic.
To make it slightly easier, you can work out how much you need to hem it at the bottom, before threading your elastic through the top.  To hem it, simple fold over, pin and press as you did for the waistband.
Once you have done this, thread your elastic through with a safety pin. Once you are happy with the tightness of this, sew the ends together. I did this with a lot of tiny hand stitches. Then simply sew up the gap in the waistband. 
I decided to add some lace to the bottom for a little extra decoration. I pinned it along the right side so that approximately two thirds of it were below the edge. I then used a zig zag stich to attach it.
My daughter is very happy with the result and has been wearing her skirt non stop (she even wanted to wear it to school!) - 
There are loads of lovely Cotton Jersey prints to choose from, a few of our picks from the site -
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Happy Sewing!
~ Jen & The Girl Charlee Team

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