Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Tutorial Tuesday: Happy 90th Birhday Your Majesty - Union Flag cushion

With the Queen’s official birthday on the 11th of June, the Trooping the Colour (and of course the European Football Championship, ED. Mark), I decided to make a Union Jack cushion! I also love using little all my spare bits of fabric and applique so this was a perfect project.

I started by looking at various tutorials and was inspired by this video tutorial by Crafty Gemini.

I liked the idea of cutting strips and layering them so decided to go with this idea and add my own ideas along the way!

First of all, I cut my two cushion squares (approx 40cm squared) although a rectangle would be just as good! I used the navy sweatshirt fleece and much as I love a button backed cushion, I decided to add a zip to this one.

To make the Union Jack design, I had a little practise run with some strips and triangles and laid them out on the right side of my cushion front. I decided to use our white cotton jersey to make the two crosses, red cotton lycra, the classic blue gingham cotton jersey, white stitched arrow on blue and red and white stripe cotton spandex.
To make my crosses and triangles a bit sharper, I decided to use bondaweb. That way, I could draw my shapes straight on to the paper.
Once I had ironed on each piece, I used the double zig zag stitch along each edge. This stitch takes a little longer but you do get a nice bold outline.
I then made my piping with cord and the red cotton lycra. Before pinning it to the front of the cushion, I curved each corner slightly to make it easier. Don’t forget to snip into the seam allowance on the piping before you bend it, it makes it so much easier.
Once the piping was sewn on (using a zipper foot), I pinned and basted my zip. I stitched this in, once I was confident that it was in the right place! To finish it off, I top stitched the zip on the side without piping. The red adds a nice contrast.
I then sewed the two cushion faces, right sides together, taking care to tuck any flappy bits from the piping in!
And there you have it - a slightly different look to the traditional Union Jack but a very funky cushion! This design lends itself beautifully to so many different fabrics and you don’t even need to stick to the traditional colours (and of course if you are not British you can use the appropriate colours for your own flag/design!).
You can use pretty much and of our fabrics for your cushion.  Some red white and blue suggestions below, but we have lots more colours to choose from for other flags/designs!

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Happy Sewing!
~ Jen & The Girl Charlee Team

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