Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Tutorial Tuesday: One Hour Pyjama Bottoms by Guest Blogger Charlotte Newland

We were planning a tutorial for a cute child's leotard today but we had to postpone for a week as we just couldn't wait to share this fantastic tutorial by a very special guest.

Today we are very excited to have Charlotte Newland as our guest blogger!  Charlotte fell in love with our new Pineapples on Robin Egg Blue Cotton Jersey and decided to make some pyjama trousers with it. Here is how she did it...
Hi Everyone, Charlotte here!

Lazing around on the sofa is one of my favourite weekend activities, made all the more wonderful by wearing a cute pair of pjs (or you can call them lounge pants if you want to feel classy). You can sew up a simple pair of jersey pjs in around an hour for a perfect quick sewing fix.

You will need:
A pair of loose fitting pyjama bottoms that fit you comfortably
1.5 m wide cotton jersey fabric (1.5 m for sizes 12/14 and under, 2.5 m for larger sizes)
1 – 1.5 m of 5 cm wide elastic
Sewing machine
Serger/overlocker (optional)

First, fold your fabric lengthwise and lay your existing pjs with the outside leg seam lined up with the fold: 
Make sure that the folded section is just slightly wider than needed – if you make it too wide then you might not have enough fabric for both trouser legs to fit across the width.

Cut around the pjs, making sure that you stretch out the elastic waistband to see its true size. Leave about 1.5 cm seam allowance at the crotch and inside leg, 2.5 cm at the hem, and 12 cm at the waist: 

Use the trouser leg you have just cut out as a pattern to cut out another. You should be able to fit this in the remaining width of the fabric for size 12/14 and under. Larger sizes will probably need to use additional fabric (see above). I am about a size 14 and managed to fit my pieces across the width quite comfortably. 

Fold each leg piece right sides together and sew along the inside leg seam with a 1.5 cm seam allowance. You can use an overlocker or a medium zigzag stitch on a regular machine (3 length × 3 width): 

Turn one leg right side out and insert it into the other leg, lining up the inside leg seams. Align the crotch seam and sew from front to back with a 1.5 cm seam allowance: 

When you pull the legs inside out again you will have something that looks decidedly trouserish: 

The next step is to make the channel for the elastic. Finish the waistband edge on the overlocker (if you want), then fold the top of the trousers over by 6 cm. Pin in place and stitch close to the edge using a medium zigzag. Remember to leave a gap at the centre back so you can thread the elastic through: 

Measure the elastic by wrapping it around your waist so that it stretches a little but feels comfortable. Overlap the ends by about 2 cm, and cut to that length. Thread the elastic through the casing using a safety pin: 

Try on your pjs, and when you’re happy with the fit at the waist you can sew the ends of the elastic together. Use a zigzag and go backwards and forwards a few times for strength: 

Now you can close up the opening in the casing. I like to sew a label into the waistband while I do it, partly so I know where the back is (not that it really matters), and partly because I have about a million labels. At this point it’s a good idea to stitch in the ditch in the front and back vertical seams so that the elastic doesn’t get twisted in the wash. 

The last step is to hem your pjs. Try them on to check the length first, and then turn the excess to the inside and secure with a zigzag stitch. 

Done! Practical and comfy!
Thank you so much Charlotte!  What an amazingly simple make for something you will wear every day (or night!).  
Charlotte used Cotton Jersey for her pyjama bottoms.  A few of her favourite picks from the store are below - 

If you haven't visited Charlotte's blog - http://www.charlottenewland.com/ then get yourself over there!  She has some fantastic tutorials, great hints and tips, all brilliantly written with wit and humour.
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Happy Sewing!
~ Jen & The Girl Charlee Team


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