Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Tutorial Tuesday: Toy Box Covers

Today's tutorial is by my sister in law, Yvie, who recently made these beautiful covers for her toy boxes...  Over to you Yvie!

Hi everyone!
With a new baby on the way I've been determined to turn our conservatory into a playroom for our children. Having been given a gorgeous blanket, from Jen (see tutorial here!), I decided to run with that theme and got a selection of Girl Charlee fabrics to match including more foxes!

I totally transformed the room with just a little bit of fabric and some very easy sewing. My sewing skills are very basic but these box covers took no time at all. I covered some Ikea drona boxes and also some plain sturdy cardboard boxes. 

I simply placed the box on the wrong side of the fabric and used a magic sewing marker to draw around it and to draw sewing lines and cutting lines (approximately 1.5 inches wide).
Once cut, I pinned the fabric. To do this I found it easiest to turn the box upside down and place the fabric over it with the wrong side facing up. I pinned all the sides tightly over the box and then gently removed it and went to work sewing up the seams, turned the fabric right way round and slipped it over the boxes... It really was as easy as that!
I also added rope handles to some of the boxes to make them easier to access.  These are just knotted on the inside of the boxes.

I'm so pleased with the end results and the fabric was wonderful to work with. Because the fabric has a little stretch, you can make the covers very tight and still be able to fit them over the boxes easily.

This was a quick and simple way to spruce up a plain space and the covers can be easily removed and washed or replaced. 
Thanks Yvie!
Yvie used our Cotton Jersey fabrics for her boxes, a few of her favourite picks below - 

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Happy Sewing!
~ Mark & The Girl Charlee Team

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