Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Great British Sewing Bee Episode 2


Last night's Sewing Bee was children's week, featuring our favourite fabric - Knits! The challenges were a child's hoodie, monster costume and dance outfit and every single garment was amazing, including Joe's bee costume!

As always, the difficulty of sewing with knits was a little over exaggerated, but we understand that they have to have the element of drama and tension (no pun intended) and the challenges are on tight timescales so we'll forgive them.  Knits are not difficult to sew!

One thing we noticed was how many contestants were using scissors to cut their patterns.  We think that a rotary cutter is a better tool especially for knits as it allows the fabric to sit flat as you cut it, ensuring that it doesn't stretch or distort.

We're not sure what Esme meant when she said Ben's hoodie would "unravel" after washing due to his un-overlocked seams, as knit fabrics famously don't fray, but she has about 50 years more experience than us, so we will bow to her superior knowledge!

There was an excellent feature about the history of the sweatshirt from Amber Butchart.

Our highlight garments were Juliet & Mercedes' hoodies and Leah's gold caped super cat, (I wonder why?!), Ben's ant costume and Leah's black swan costume.
It's always sad to see a contestant leave and Sheila was amazing (her Rhianna inspired top last week was one of our favourites).
Our quotes of the episode - 

"It's OK to iron children, right?"
"Let's make that hoodie a goodie!"
"You've got 21 seconds to sew!"
"What do you think of my new catchphrase?... That's good sewing."
"Excessively boning... is that a good idea at this stage of the competition?"
"Go and have a nice relaxing night, or a hot steamy one if you like, we won't judge you."

Image of the episode - 
It has to be Patrick flossing!  The picture doesn't do it justice, watch the show (37m25s) to see it's full glory!
Week 3 is all about the 70s!  As a collector of antique sewing machines I can't wait to see how they cope with the old machines!

If you're inspired to make a child or adult hoodie we have lots of amazing patterns available HERE including the amazing Dress Up Hoodie from Mouse House Creations and the Neigborhood Hoodie & Sweatshirt from Liesl + Co
Liesl + Co are also hosting a fantastic sewalong for the Neighborhood Hoodie this week.  They want to make sure you sew the best sweatshirt or hoodie you’ve ever worn, so the sewalong is set at a nice leisurely pace, with lots of helpful hints and tips. 
Click HERE to see all the details.

We're offering 15% off our fabrics with code LIESL15 until the end of the sewalong (28th Feb).
If you are left wanting more after the show has ended, Angeline Murphy, former contestant on Season 4, is hosting 'The Backstitch' on Instagram Live each week straight after each episode. She catches up with other former contestants to get their views on the latest episode.
To join in on the Instagram Live series all you need to do is follow Angeline (@angelinemurphydesign) on Instagram and watch the live chat at 10pm.
Don’t worry if you cannot tune in every week, Angeline will be sharing it on her facebook page, Youtube and Instagram TV Channel.

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~ Mark & The Girl Charlee Team

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