Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Great British Sewing Bee Episode 3


Last night's Sewing Bee was 70s week, featuring flares, punk fashion and the ubiquitous maxi dress (still popular today!)

There was an an interesting feature about the history of bell bottoms from Amber Butchart.

Our highlight garments were Jen's Flares, Jen's Punk outfit and Alexei's Maxi Dress (although he was lucky that the fit was so good without trying it on his "dummy... I mean model, she's alive!"

As well as this beautiful bee on Mercedes' nail, we're starting to notice some plasters appearing (Leah & Riccardo) so we hope no-one has injured themselves too badly (I cut the tip of my finger off with a rotary cutter this week!)
It's getting more emotional saying goodbye to our new friends and this week was especially hard as we really loved Ben's creative flair, which unfortunately may have been his downfall as he always pushed the envelope and never played it safe, which we really admire.

Our quotes of the episode - 

"You two are probably too young to remember the seventies, no, I'm joking of course, you're both ancient!" (Joe to Patrick and Esme)
"Are you an anarchist?" "No, I'm an engineer." (Joe and Alexei)
"I wouldn't wear it to church" (Patrick on one of the punk outfits)
"That's nice, I'm pleased with these, this is the bell end on the sleeve" (Janet, to many giggles from the other sewers)

Image of the episode has to be Patrick and Esme pogoing! -
Week 4 is all about technical fabrics so it should be even more challenging than what we have seen so far which has already been very difficult!
If you are left wanting more after the show has ended, Angeline Murphy, former contestant on Season 4, is hosting 'The Backstitch' on Instagram Live each week straight after each episode. She catches up with other former contestants to get their views on the latest episode.
To join in on the Instagram Live series all you need to do is follow Angeline (@angelinemurphydesign) on Instagram and watch the live chat at 10pm.
Don’t worry if you cannot tune in every week, Angeline will be sharing it on her facebook page, Youtube and Instagram TV Channel.
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